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  • Colossal Highs, by Terrorbyte Stripes.

  • Jelly Khan - I’ve Been Gone

  • Jelly Khan - Smack

  • Jelly Khan - Without A Doubt

  • Industrial music about a cheese emperor? Käse Kaiser makes it happen. Battles in the field: victorious; Cattle in my field: notorious.

  • On the other side of the birthday gift train was this two-parter for Ben & Claire which you only get to hear the first half. A synth-pop happy fun tune that could use some Jim Henson Labyrinth puppets singing on it or something.

  • Also found a little kind of remix of Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour. Simple, cute.

  • Here’s my version of Epic by Faith No More so you can download it and blast it in your hooptie.